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Hartford jazz fest with the Steve Clarke Quartet.

About Thom

In-studio performance covering Janet Jackson's

That's The Way Love Goes. 

funk, c-jazz and so much more...

Thom Adams-keyboardist, producer

Thom Adams plays music that can be described as funky, jazzy, soulful, and positive with influences from electronic music. Utilizing production values contrary to those to be considered typical of an electronic musician, Thom manages the tools of the micro chip age to bring an organic feel his music. The soul, funk and jazz embedded in the heart of this artist is apparent in each track. Once you listen to this artist, you can appreciate the heartache, joy, frustration, sadness and every other emotion conveyed poured into every note.

Music for Thom is not just a passion, but could be considered, life sustaining. Thom explains, " I remember hearing my Dad play his trumpet or my Grandmother sing and being at peace with the world and all the turmoil it can bring to our lives, daily. Music is everything to me. Just like we need air to breathe, I need music to exist on this earth." That passion for music emanates from his compositions.

This enthusiasm for music was something that could not have been avoided. "As an infant, my Mother and Father would play classical music as lullabies for me, and when they bought my first organ when I was seven... I was hooked immediately", Thom so enthusiastically informs of his origins.

An artist whose love is TRULY the music, because that's all that really matters, right?